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Van Duong Thanh
Villa C29, 210 Nghi Tam -
Hanoi - Vietnam
Mobile: +84 (0)98 299 37 90
Tel: +84 (0)4-37 19 00 75
skype:  van.duong.thanh
A Glimpse of Thang Long – One Thousand Year PDF Print E-mail
In this special exhibition at Melia Hanoi, international artist Van Duong Thanh welcomes the New Year 2010 of the Tiger and the celebrations of the capital Thang Long’s 1000-year history.

With thirty abstract paintings, oil and acrylic on canvas, the artist focus on the architectures, atmosphere and images of an old tranquil Hanoi in the past as well as the busy city scenes of the present. During the Lunar New Year - Tet, street scenes, such as the peach flower markets, are bustling with people and movements. Hanoians go shopping for Tet, in the background is the blue sky and drops of sunlight reflect on the pavements. Bamboo curtains hang on the balconies evoke memories and nostalgia of Thanh’s childhood. Spring, with its light rain, brings a special atmosphere, colors and awakens nature, people and the city. All this is vividly portrayed in the artist’s paintings with strong brush strokes and streams of resplendent colors. During the two months of the exhibition, Van Duong Thanh will continuously implement her new paintings to the collection for its constant excitement. 

Well known as one of Asia’s international artist, Van Duong Thanh grew up in Ha Noi and studied for twelve years at l’Ecole de Beaux Arts, Indochine and at the Academy of Fine Arts. She was a researcher at the Institute for Cultural Research in Hanoi from 1981 to 1987. Based in Stockholm, Sweden where she teaches art, she now works back and forth between Sweden and Vietnam. Many of her exquisite works are on permanent display in national art museums in several countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore,Hong Kong, Spain, and Sweden.

Van Duong Thanh received, among other awards, the highly regarded “International Excellence of Art of CFMI”, USA – France 1995 and 1997, and “Glory of the Nation” 2007 in Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam.


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