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Fryderyk Chopin Museum selects paintings of Van Duong Thanh
 When childhood, Van Duong Thanh has been brought up with music by her father Mr. Van Goi (1920-1960). He saved his little money to buy musical instruments & paints for the children. Van Duong Thanh’s father passed away early, she had to live far from her mother, Chopin’s music assisted Thanh to overcome so many miserably and hardship to study painting. Chopin’s Serenade melody sublimated her emotion on created the painting.
This time in Warsaw, Van Duong Thanh admired material of genius composer Chopin, she contemplated the paintings of the world master such as De La Croix, who was a close friend of Chopin and painted many of the composer portraits.

After the exhibition “Vietnamese flowers in Chopin’ Land” organized by the Pacific Asia Museum and the Polish Academy of Sciences (Aug 3, 2011 – Aug 28, 2011). Van Duong Thanh was invited by the Chopin Museum, after 2 weeks of study the work and discussions, the director of Chopin Museum and Museum Frederick Chopin has selected the works of Van Duong Thanh into the collection of the Institute- "Serenade of Chopin" lacquer 100x90 cm, 9-2011.

Quick notes on the signing ceremony and reception work:

Signing ceremony to present:

-Director of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Prof. Dr. Kazimierz Monkiewicz,
- Curator of Fryderyk Chopin Museum, Dr Alicja Knast
- H.E. Nguyen Hoang, Ambassador of S.R. of Vietnam,
- Karin Herrstrom, wife of the Swedish Ambassador,
- Van Duong Thanh, author of the painting donated to Chopin Museum
- Maciej Janicki, organizer, Asystent Muzealny / Assistant curator

Representing the Polish, Dr. Kazimierz Monkiewicz, director of the Chopin Institute, said: Chopin Museum is honored and delighted to receive valuable work of the painter Van Duong Thanh. This is an event for further enrichment of our collections.
The expression about Chopin in he work is wonderful. On behalf of the Institute of the Academy we thank Van Duong Thanh of this very valuable contribution.

Dr. Alicja Knast - chief curator of the Museum Chopin said: This year, there were three special events: A foreign collector donated the letters hand-written by Chopin; A Polish donated the artifacts objects; Painter Van Duong Thanh contributed “Serenade of Chopin." The world genius composer - in this picture facial tenderness has gentle personality, just as we imagine about him. With sophisticated lacquer materials, using eggshells and add gold leafs, she expressed his profound spiritual.

On 1/12/2011, the Museum will display Van Duong Thanh's work, along with an exhibition and international conference.

Lacquer with gold, silver and eggshells, 100x90 cm, 2010-2011.
Some information about this painting:

Artist Van Duong Thanh had never seen photos or portraits of the composer Fryderyk Chopin, she envisioned a picture of him through listening to his music and a few small sized prints when she painted his portrait.

These works were painted in Hanoi, and visitors to Art Van Duong Thanh Gallery were both excited and surprised upon viewing them.

In her paintings, Van Duong Thanh imagined and depicted Chopin as very gentle, loving, elegant and spiritual.

The use of the traditional Vietnamese lacquer on wood to create portraits is very rare because it is more difficult to paint than other media, for example oil. Van Duong Thanh put the compos features upon a background of stunning colors; deep red colors next to bright green with patches of eggshells of varying degrees of warmth and cracks. The brush lines are light, free, painted without breaks (like the Asian-style of painting portraits). The result is portraits of Chopin containing musical and poetic elements.

Quoted the speech from Dr. Andrzej Wawrzyniak:

“…I am glad to introduce to the Polish public a painter who is fascinated with the Polish culture, and at least one of its important aspects : the works of Frederic Chopin. Mrs. Van Duong Thanh is a versatile artist, and we also hope that the Polish landscape will become a source of inspiration for her. For the exhibition in a beautiful scenery of Botanical Garden, however, we selected mainly paintings of flowers - harmonizing the presentation with both the place and time of the year. Her paintings evoke the beauty and richness of Vietnam's tropical flowers, different from ours, but equally charming. I hope that this cheerful, summer exhibition will be interesting for the Polish audience.
I would also like to thank the Ambassador of Poland in Hanoi, His Excellency Roman Iwaszkiewicz, for his initiative organizing this exhibition"
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